At weather gets colder, that’s the time when squirrel denning takes place.  They den in attics, walls, sheds, barns, and chimneys, annoying people with their noise and odors. Squirrels usually gain access via overhanging branches, power lines, or by climbing up the siding. They may fall into chimney and furnace flues, thus gaining entrance to the basement or interior of the house. Their nest materials might block a vent, making it a fire hazard. They chew and scratch wires electrical wires posing another fire hazard, and also damage attic vents, eaves, screens, bird feeders, siding, insulation and household goods.

You should not delay in removing squirrels when you get them in your home. Squirrels bring fleas, ticks, mites, worms and other harmful parasites into homes. They foul attics and crawl spaces with their urine and feces. If threatened or protecting their young, squirrels may attack humans and some can transmit rabies.

To rid your residence or commercial space of squirrels, Buggin Us’ Pest Control will inspect for the nest and all possible entry points for the squirrels. Multiple traps will be set outside each entry point. Once trapped, they will be removed humanely. To make sure they don’t come back we will repair the entry points. Trimming tree branches can further help avoid future squirrel problems.

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