Flour beetle

There are several species of beetles that you may find in and around your home.  Carpet beetles are the most common beetle found in northern New Jersey. Carpet beetles eat natural fibers and feathers and can damage clothes and other things made of fabric. They don't bite, and won't cause structural damage to your home. In large numbers, however, they can do significant damage to clothing, or they may infest pantry items. The best way get rid of carpet beetles is to do some thorough housecleaning in the areas where carpet beetles tend to live. Check all of your food storage areas for live carpet beetles, larvae and for shed skins. Discard any food that shows any signs of infestations.  Clean out closets and dressers to check for signs of carpet beetles.  If you find any in clothing, launder or dry clean as you normally do. Wipe down the shelves, cabinets and drawers with a household cleaner.  Finally, vacuum your upholstered furniture and all carpets thoroughly.

Other types of beetles include:

  • Powderpost beetles which feed on hardwoods and bamboo and attack furniture or other items made of wood.
  • Flour beetles and grain beetles which attack food products in the home and can do major damage in food production facilities and stores.
  • June beetles or grubs attack the roots of grass.
  • Ladybugs (lady beetles) feed on plant pests like aphid and mealybugs so they are desired in our gardens. But, in the late summer and fall they cluster in the hundreds on the outside of the home looking for shelter through the winter.

If you have an infestation of beetles that is overwhelming, call Buggin’ Us Pest Control for help.

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