Ticks are not insects but are external parasites that need blood to survive and reproduce. They are small, only 1/8 inch in length as an adult. They bite and transmit several harmful diseases so it is important to prevent from bringing them into your house in the first place.

Avoid places where ticks live such as wooded areas. When that is not possible, wear long sleeves and long pants and cover your head.  Tick repellant can be applied to the outside of clothes. Inspect your clothes and body after being in tick-infested areas. Around your home, keep shrubs trimmed, keep grass mowed and remove weeds, brush and leaves close to your home.

When ticks are found in the home, clean your home thoroughly, removing all items including laundry from the floor. Wash dirty clothes and linens in hot water. Clean your home from top to bottom including vacuuming baseboards, crown molding and underneath furniture. Treat your pets for ticks in case they are the source. The final step is to apply a pesticide. Buggin’ Us Pest Control will be able to treat your home so that the ticks are taken care of completely. We have specialized equipment and pesticides to address a tick infestation.

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