The common housefly is about ¼ inch to 1/3 inch long and gray or black in color.

A housefly can enter the home through open doors and windows. They can also enter through small openings when there is a source of food.  They are attracted to anywhere that is warm and that can provide a source of food. Their constant buzzing is annoying and they are carriers of disease.

To avoid getting flies and keeping them from staying in your home, it is important to clean all dishes after use, put away all food and keep all surfaces clean. Circumstances beyond your control can bring a fly infestation. For example, a dead animal or bird in an eave will attract flies.

When there is a fly infestation, Buggin’ Us Pest Control will take several steps to rid your home of this problem. First, the type of fly is identified so that the source is more easily found, and the most effective treatment can be put in place. Then the breeding site is located and disposed of. Finally, the adult population is eliminated.

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